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「艺术别墅 ART VILLA 」


 Art Villa

The exposed concrete blocks at the highest point above the beach bring the succinct vocabulary of modern design





The unique perforated facade eliminates the boundaries of internal and external space, and embraces nature to the greatest extent





In sharp contrast to  It's a wooden hut that floats like a white fruit over a tree crown

It is light and elegant, symbolizing the life rhythm of nature





就组成了 Art Villas 度假村的全部

Three unique villas (Group) three unique stylesA unique tropical forest makes up the whole resort of art villas



Each house is independent of each other in space  But the original natural temperament is always intertwined

Atelier Villa 是度假村最新扩展的项目

包括 3 间带卫浴的卧室  起居区 厨房和花园露台

Atelier villa is the latest extension of the resort  Including 3 bedrooms with bathroom, living area, kitchen and garden terrace

这座 26 米长的矩形盒子坐落在陡峭的斜坡上


The 26 meter long rectangular box sits on a steep slope  Part of it is suspended above the dense tropical vegetation

Atelier Villa 面向远处的海洋和绿色的山丘而建   后方有车道向外延伸  因此整面后墙都没有开窗  以保护隐私

Atelier villa faces the distant ocean and green hills  There's a driveway at the back, so there's no windows on the entire back wall to protect privacy

建筑结构由 4x4m 的钢框架组成   跨度很大   外立面的设计相当有创意  大面积穿孔铝板覆盖别墅正面   涂层的色调选择了戈坦钢 COR-TEN 的颜色

The building structure is composed of 4x4m steel frame with large span

The design of the facade is quite creative. The large area perforated aluminum plate covers the villa front. The color of the coating on the front of the villa is in the color of gotan steel Cor-Ten


而每块铝板穿孔尺寸和样式都不一样  组合在一起形成变化莫测的光影效果

The size and style of perforation of each aluminum plate is different   Put together to create an unpredictable light and shadow effect

翻开铝板   则可以兼作雨篷

Turn over the aluminum plate can also be used as awning

先不说铝板耐热防锈的诸多优点   光是这泥土般的色调和自由开合的设计  就足够让你眼前一亮
Not to mention the advantages of heat resistance and rust prevention of aluminum plate   This earthy hue and free opening and closing design is enough to make your eyes shine

整个后墙都覆盖炭黑色烧杉木板  并处理成烧焦的砌面   这是日本古老的防风固木技术  能使别墅与周围环境真正融为一体
The entire back wall is covered with charcoal black wood and treated to a charred surface
This is Japan's ancient wind and wood fixation technology, can make the villa and the surrounding environment truly integrated

The reason why it can maintain such a transparent view is because of the absolute simplicity of the building structure
It is only supported by slender columns and has a transparent glass curtain wall under the eaves
Let the boundaries between the inside and outside disappear

在内部空间的配置方面  保持了与别墅外观相同的简约调性  起居室布局非常开放  功能区之间以立柱为界限
In terms of internal space configuration, it maintains the same simplicity and tonality as the villa appearance
The living room layout is very open, with columns as the boundary between the functional areas

Natural materials are widely used in the whole space
The warm yellow brown color and rusting feeling are formed by the warm wood strips, and the texture contrast of the kitchen is formed


The lightweight sliding board can be used as an open partition between private and public areas

卧室和餐厅悬挂的玻璃吊灯   为空间增加了一些欧洲设计元素  使室内的整体感觉更加完美
Glass chandeliers for bedrooms and dining rooms
Some European design elements are added to the space to make the interior feel more perfect

卧室里也仅有一张实木大床加上壁灯和吊灯做最基础的照明    简约的配置让人可以把注意力全部集中在户外的葱郁美景上  达到身心的放松  
The bedroom also only has a solid wood big bed, adds the wall lamp and the chandelier to do the most basic illumination
The simple configuration allows people to focus all their attention on the lush scenery outdoors
Achieve physical and mental relaxation

卫生间仅用玻璃做隔断  保持视野的开阔性


The bathroom only uses glass as partition to keep the vision open

The light and shadow effects created by perforated panels contrast with the colorful tiles




The design of double basin and asymmetric mirror form a kind of contrast aesthetic feeling





木踏板与混凝土泳池的颜色混合在一起  形成视觉上的连续

Wooden treads and concrete pool colors mix together to form a visual continuity

Art Villa 是这座度假村里最早设计的别墅
不仅地理位置优越 建筑结构也尤为简洁有力 
Art villa is the first villa designed in this resort, and it is not only geographically superior
The building structure is also very simple and powerful, no matter from which angle, it is full of the aesthetic feeling of modern architecture

向外伸出的屋檐  透明的玻璃幕墙以及倒映出蓝天的泳池


Overhanging eaves transparent glass curtain wall

And the swimming pool reflecting the blue sky carelessly outlines the broad scale of the space

The outer wall is decorated with irregular straight lines

室内设计是度假酒店的重头戏   在设计之初
以运动  冒险为设计主题
Interior design is the highlight of resort hotel   At the beginning of the design, the designer not only found inspiration from the surrounding wild jungle
And inspired by the works of Brazilian architects, the design theme is sports adventure

宽敞的双层门厅贯穿别墅  直达游泳池
布置成放松身心的休闲区  可直接通向厨房
The spacious double decker hall runs through the villa and leads to the swimming pool   The other side of the terrace is low-lying and arranged as a relaxing leisure area, which leads directly to the kitchen

客厅格局开放  巨大玻璃幕墙将外部自然景观尽数引入室内
The living room pattern is open, and the huge glass curtain wall introduces the external natural landscape into the interior



共同营造出过渡自然的室内氛围  既粗糙又豪华

Carefully selected solid wood board, simple and advanced green furniture  and green plants set off each other  Together to create a transitional natural indoor atmosphere   both rough and luxurious

再加上定制的家具配件  将原始的混凝土整体带入了柔软感
Teak metal and linen - these materials dominate the interior decoration of the villa
Together with customized furniture accessories, the original concrete is brought into a soft feeling

艺术家用柔和的蓝绿色调描绘出一幅代表着丛林的生动水彩画  呼应着酒店主题 
Another highlight is the ceramic tiles created in collaboration with artists to decorate the kitchen walls
The artist painted a vivid watercolor of the jungle in a soft blue-green tone
Echoing the theme of the hotel




The kitchen island is connected with the triangle table board. The color of the painted square stool on both sides jumps and is livelyIn sharp contrast to the top metal chandelier



穿过客厅  来到房间另一侧  有一个直径为 4m 圆形的禅宗池

Through the living room to the other side of the room, there is a 4 m diameter    round Zen pool





The calm water reflects another circular plane of the same size suspended under the ceiling, which depicts surfers in the ocean in a linear way. The circular surface symbolizes the adventure of extreme sports, and the Zen pool is the place to guide peace and relaxation





The concrete walls are deliberately left in their pristine appearance   The ceiling of the surface installation shows crisscross light rail skylight, which will freely sprinkle the natural light

每间卧室都配有独立浴室和卫生间 地面铺有特别定制的花砖
Each bedroom has its own bathroom and bathroom, and the floor is paved with specially designed tiles
The ever-changing patterns and colors reflect the elusive uniqueness of nature


床头后方装有冷光灯带  夜晚更能静谧烘托气氛

There is a cold light lamp at the back of the bed, which can set off the  atmosphere more quietly at night



Warm wood veneer fills cold grey space  Black metal chandelier and hollow shelf have some industrial characteristics


在镜面玻璃等元素衬托下  格外质朴迷人

Hand polished stone basins and bathtubs  In the mirror glass and other elements set off the grid is simple and charming


简单到极致的线条  质朴的材质

Simple to extreme lines, simple materials  All of these are closely related to the theme of the resort


也让皮质沙发   实木餐桌等材质焕发原本的细腻肌理

The light at night is very gentle   Also let leather sofa solid wood dining table and other materials coruscatethe original delicate texture




From a distance, it's just a bonfire lighthouse in the dense jungle


CoCo 是正在筹备中的一处住宅群

共有4个带卧室  起居室  厨房和泳池露台的迷你套房

看着不大  却配套完善

Coco is a residential complex under preparation   There are 4 Mini suites with bedroom, living room, kitchen and pool terrace  It's not big, but it's perfect




The bedroom is centered on a bed in a transparent cover   Bathtubs and lounges are loosely placed along the circular platform


设计灵感来源于植物的果实  蕴含着对大自然的敬意
茧状的外形  以细条木做支撑
外侧围裹着遮阳用的帆布  整体给人轻巧的优雅感

The design inspiration comes from the fruit of plants, which contains the  respect for nature  The cocoon shape is supported by thin strips of wood, and the outside  is wrapped with canvas for shadingThe whole gives a light and elegant feeling





There is a public platform between each seedIt becomes the core area connecting the functional areas. This kind of residential design is both original and full of creativity





Everything from site selection to design is inspired by the law of the jungle
Release the most original creativity, which is also the biggest feature of it different from other holiday villas





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